HP Officejet 4620 - Scan defects are apparent

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Scan defects are apparent

Blank pages
Make sure that the original document is placed correctly. Place the original
document face down on the flatbed scanner with the top-left corner of the
document located in the lower-right corner of the scanner glass.

Too light or dark

Try adjusting the settings. Be sure to use the correct resolution and color

The original image might be very light or dark or might be printed on colored

Unwanted lines, black dots or streaks

Ink, glue, correction fluid, or an unwanted substance might be on the scanner
glass; the scanner glass might be dirty or scratched; or the lid backing might be
dirty. Try cleaning the scanner glass and lid backing. For more information, see
Maintain the printer. If cleaning does not correct the problem, the scanner glass
or lid backing might need to be replaced.

The defects might be on the original and are not a result of the scanning

Unclear text
Try adjusting the settings. Make sure that the resolution and color settings are

Size is reduced
The HP software settings might be set to reduce the scanned image. See the HP
printer software Help for more information about changing the settings.

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