HP Officejet 4620 - Error messages appear

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Error messages appear

Unable to activate TWAIN source or An error occurred while acquiring the

If you are acquiring an image from another device, such as another scanner,
make sure that the other device is TWAIN-compliant. Devices that are not
TWAIN-compliant do not work with the HP software provided with the printer.

If you are using a USB connection, make sure that you have connected the
USB Device Cable to the correct port on the back of your computer.

Verify that the correct TWAIN source is selected. In the HP software, check the
TWAIN source by selecting Select Scanner on the File menu.

NOTE: The HP scanning software does not support TWAIN and WIA scanning
on computers running Mac OS X.

Reload document and then restart job
Press the button to the right of OK on the printer control panel, and then reload the
remaining documents in the ADF. For more information see Load an original in the
automatic document feeder (ADF).