HP Officejet 4620 - Clean the ADF

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Clean the ADF

If the ADF picks up multiple pages or if it does not pick up plain paper, you can clean
the ADF.

To clean the ADF
Turn off the printer.

For more information, see Turn off the printer.

2. Remove all originals from the ADF.
3. Lift the ADF cover.

4. Lightly dampen a clean lint-free cloth with distilled water, then squeeze any excess

liquid from the cloth.

5. Use the damp cloth to wipe any residue off the rollers or separator pad.

NOTE: If the residue does not come off using distilled water, try using
isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.

Maintain the printer


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1 ADF cover

2 Rollers

3 Separator pad

6. Close the cover of the ADF.
7. Lift the scanner lid.

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Get started

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8. Wipe the ADF bar and glass strip.



1 ADF bar

2 Glass strip

9. Close the scanner lid, and turn on the printer.