HP Officejet 4620 - Activate Fax to PC and Fax to Mac

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Activate Fax to PC and Fax to Mac
On a computer running Windows, you can use the Digital Fax Setup Wizard to activate
Fax to PC. On a Macintosh computer, you can use HP Utility.

To set up Fax to PC (Windows)
From the computer desktop, click Start, select Programs or All Programs, select

the folder for your HP printer, and then select the option for your HP printer.

2. In the window that appears, select Print, Scan & Fax, and then select Digital Fax

Setup Wizard under Fax.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

To set up Fax to Mac (Mac OS X)
Open HP Utility. For more information, see HP Utility (Mac OS X).
2. Click the Applications icon on the HP Utility toolbar.
3. Double-click HP Setup Assistant, and then follow the on-screen instructions.