HP Officejet 4620 - Receive a fax manually

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Receive a fax manually

When you are on the phone, the person you are speaking with can send you a fax
while you are still connected. This is referred to as manual faxing. Use the instructions
in this section to receive a manual fax.
You can receive faxes manually from a phone that is:

Directly connected to the printer (on the 2-EXT port)

On the same phone line, but not directly connected to the printer

To receive a fax manually
Make sure the printer is turned on and you have paper loaded in the main tray.
2. Remove any originals from the document feeder tray.
3. Set the Rings to Answer setting to a high number to allow you to answer the

incoming call before the printer answers. Or, turn off the Auto Answer setting so
that the printer does not automatically answer incoming calls.

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4. If you are currently on the phone with the sender, instruct the sender to press Start

on their fax machine.

5. When you hear fax tones from a sending fax machine, do the following:

a. From the Home screen on the printer control panel, press the button to the right

of Fax, press the button to the right of OK, and then press the button to the
right of Receive Fax Manually.

b. After the printer begins to receive the fax, you can hang up the phone or remain

on the line. The phone line is silent during fax transmission.