HP Officejet 4620 - Block unwanted fax numbers

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Block unwanted fax numbers

If you subscribe to a caller ID service through your phone provider, you can block
specific fax numbers so the printer does not print faxes received from those numbers.
When an incoming fax call is received, the printer compares the number to the list of
junk fax numbers to determine if the call should be blocked. If the number matches
a number in the blocked fax numbers list, the fax is not printed. (The maximum number
of fax numbers you can block varies by model.)

NOTE: This feature is not supported in all countries/regions.

NOTE: If no phone numbers are added in the Caller ID list, it is assumed that you
are not subscribed to a Caller ID service.

Add numbers to the junk fax list

Remove numbers from the junk fax list

Print a Junk List