HP Officejet 4620 - Fax and digital phone services

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Fax and digital phone services

Many telephone companies provide their customers with digital phone services, such
as the following:

DSL: A Digital subscriber line (DSL) service through your telephone company.
(DSL might be called ADSL in your country/region.)

PBX: A private branch exchange (PBX) phone system.

ISDN: An integrated services digital network (ISDN) system.

FoIP: A low-cost phone service that allows you to send and receive faxes with your
printer by using the Internet. This method is called Fax over Internet Protocol
(FoIP). For more information, see Fax over Internet Protocol.

HP printers are designed specifically for use with traditional analog phone services. If
you are in a digital phone environment (such as DSL/ADSL, PBX, or ISDN), you might
need to use digital-to-analog filters or converters when setting up the printer for faxing.

NOTE: HP does not guarantee that the printer will be compatible with all digital
service lines or providers, in all digital environments, or with all digital-to-analog
converters. It is always recommended that you discuss with the telephone company
directly for the correct setup options based on their line services provided.