HP Officejet 4620 - Set the number of rings before answering

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Set the number of rings before answering

If you turn on the Auto Answer setting, you can specify how many rings occur before
incoming calls are automatically answered.
The Rings to Answer setting is important if you have an answering machine on the
same phone line as the printer. For example, set your answering machine to a low
number of rings and the printer to answer in the maximum number of rings. The
answering machine will answer the call and the printer will monitor the line. If the

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printer detects fax tones, it receives the fax. If the call is a voice call, the answering
machine records the incoming message.

To set the number of rings before answering
From the Home screen, press the (Setup) button.
2. Using the buttons on the right, scroll to and select Fax Setup, select Basic Setup,

and then select Rings to Answer.

3. Scroll to the desired number of rings, and then press the button to the right of OK.